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Packages that use SpaceAuthority.Filter Security Authorities There are four categories of user authorities. 

Uses of SpaceAuthority.Filter in

Subinterfaces of SpaceAuthority.Filter in
static interface SpaceAuthority.NegateFilter<T>
          interface for restrictive data access filtering.

Classes in that implement SpaceAuthority.Filter
static class SpaceAuthority.ClassFilter
          Class filter accepting only the defined class-name.
static class SpaceAuthority.NegateClassFilter
          Class filter accepting only classes not of the defined class-name.
static class SpaceAuthority.NegatePackageFilter
          Package filter accepting only packages not of the defined package.
static class SpaceAuthority.NegateRegexFilter
          Negate a regular expression filter.
static class SpaceAuthority.PackageFilter
          Package filter accepting only the defined package
static class SpaceAuthority.RegexFilter
          Regular expression filter, using a regular expression as a pattern of characters that describes a set of strings.

Methods in that return SpaceAuthority.Filter
static SpaceAuthority.Filter<?> SpaceAuthority.WildcardExpressionToFilterConverter.convert(String expression, boolean allow)
          Convert the wildcard expression into a filter.
static SpaceAuthority.Filter<?> SpaceAuthority.WildcardExpressionToFilterConverter.convertToRegex(String expression, boolean allow)
          Convert the wildcard expression into a regex expression, since we found that this is a faster implementation even for fully matched strings.
 SpaceAuthority.Filter SpaceAuthority.getFilter()

Constructors in with parameters of type SpaceAuthority.Filter
SpaceAuthority(SpaceAuthority.SpacePrivilege spacePrivilege, SpaceAuthority.Filter filter)
          An authority with the specified privilege.

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