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Packages that use SpaceInstanceAddedEventListener
org.openspaces.admin.samples Support for managing of Space events through the Admin API. 

Uses of SpaceInstanceAddedEventListener in org.openspaces.admin.samples

Classes in org.openspaces.admin.samples that implement SpaceInstanceAddedEventListener
 class TestEventSampler

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Subinterfaces of SpaceInstanceAddedEventListener in
 interface SpaceInstanceLifecycleEventListener
          A simple lifecyle event listener that implements both the Space Instance added and Space Instance removed event listeners.

Methods in with parameters of type SpaceInstanceAddedEventListener
 void SpaceInstanceAddedEventManager.add(SpaceInstanceAddedEventListener eventListener)
          Adds an event listener.
 void SpaceInstanceAddedEventManager.add(SpaceInstanceAddedEventListener eventListener, boolean includeExisting)
          Adds an event listener allowing to control using the includeExisting if events will be fired for existing space instances as well.
 void SpaceInstanceAddedEventManager.remove(SpaceInstanceAddedEventListener eventListener)
          Removes the event listener.

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