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CreateAdmin Method (userName, password)
Class LibraryGigaSpaces.Core.Admin.ServiceGridServiceGridAdminBuilderCreateAdmin(String, String)
Creates the IServiceGridAdmin and begins its listening for events from the lookup service. using provider user name and password that will be used for discovery of secured services.
Declaration Syntax
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public IServiceGridAdmin CreateAdmin(
	string userName,
	string password
Public Function CreateAdmin ( _
	userName As String, _
	password As String _
) As IServiceGridAdmin
IServiceGridAdmin^ CreateAdmin(
	String^ userName, 
	String^ password
public IServiceGridAdmin CreateAdmin(
	String userName,
	String password
userName (String)
User name.
password (String)
Return Value

Assembly: GigaSpaces.Core (Module: GigaSpaces.Core) Version: (