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CreateSpaceProxy Method (name, url, spaceConfig, clusterInfoAware, mode)
Class LibraryGigaSpaces.XAP.ProcessingUnit.ContainersProcessingUnitContainerCreateSpaceProxy(String, String, SpaceConfig, Boolean, SpaceProxyMode)
Creates a managed space proxy / embedded space using the specified settings
Declaration Syntax
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[ObsoleteAttribute("Since 10.0 - Use CreateEmbeddedSpace(EmbeddedSpaceConfigurationElement) instead.")]
public ISpaceProxy CreateSpaceProxy(
	string name,
	string url,
	SpaceConfig spaceConfig,
	bool clusterInfoAware,
	SpaceProxyMode mode
<ObsoleteAttribute("Since 10.0 - Use CreateEmbeddedSpace(EmbeddedSpaceConfigurationElement) instead.")> _
Public Function CreateSpaceProxy ( _
	name As String, _
	url As String, _
	spaceConfig As SpaceConfig, _
	clusterInfoAware As Boolean, _
	mode As SpaceProxyMode _
) As ISpaceProxy
[ObsoleteAttribute(L"Since 10.0 - Use CreateEmbeddedSpace(EmbeddedSpaceConfigurationElement) instead.")]
ISpaceProxy^ CreateSpaceProxy(
	String^ name, 
	String^ url, 
	SpaceConfig^ spaceConfig, 
	bool clusterInfoAware, 
	SpaceProxyMode mode
/** @attribute ObsoleteAttribute("Since 10.0 - Use CreateEmbeddedSpace(EmbeddedSpaceConfigurationElement) instead.") */
public ISpaceProxy CreateSpaceProxy(
	String name,
	String url,
	SpaceConfig spaceConfig,
	boolean clusterInfoAware,
	SpaceProxyMode mode
name (String)
Name to register the proxy with
url (String)
Space URL for creating/locating the space.
spaceConfig (SpaceConfig)
Additional space configuration
clusterInfoAware (Boolean)
Determines if the creates space should participate in the cluster denoted by this processing unit
mode (SpaceProxyMode)
Determins if the space proxy should be clustered or direct
Return Value

[Missing <returns> documentation for M:GigaSpaces.XAP.ProcessingUnit.Containers.ProcessingUnitContainer.CreateSpaceProxy(System.String,System.String,GigaSpaces.Core.SpaceConfig,System.Boolean,GigaSpaces.XAP.ProcessingUnit.Containers.BasicContainer.SpaceProxyMode)]

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