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GetFilterDecision Method (info, invocation)
Class LibraryGigaSpaces.XAP.RemotingIRemoteResultFilterGetFilterDecision(SpaceRemotingFilterInfo, ISpaceRemotingInvocation)
A callback invoked for each result that arrives as a result of a broadcast remote service execution allowing to access the result that caused this event, the events received so far, and the total expected results.
Declaration Syntax
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Function GetFilterDecision ( _
	info As SpaceRemotingFilterInfo, _
	invocation As ISpaceRemotingInvocation _
) As SpaceTaskFilterDecision
info (SpaceRemotingFilterInfo)
Current filter info.
invocation (ISpaceRemotingInvocation)
Object representing the invocation.
Return Value
Filter's decision

Assembly: GigaSpaces.Core (Module: GigaSpaces.Core) Version: (