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ISqlDataSource Interface
Class LibraryGigaSpaces.Core.PersistencyISqlDataSource
ISqlDataSource is an interface for space external data source. This interface provides all the data source functionality supported by space.
Declaration Syntax
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public interface ISqlDataSource : IManagedDataSource
Public Interface ISqlDataSource _
	Implements IManagedDataSource
public interface class ISqlDataSource : IManagedDataSource
public interface ISqlDataSource extends IManagedDataSource
All MembersMethods

ExecuteBulk(IList<(Of <(BulkItem>)>))
Execute given bulk of operations. Each BulkItem contains one of the following operation - WRITE - given object should be inserted to the data store, UPDATE - given object should be updated in the data store, REMOVE - given object should be deleted from the data store If the implementation uses transactions, all the bulk operations must be executed in one transaction.

Create an enumerator over all objects that match the given Query.

Init(Dictionary<(Of <(String, String>)>))
Initialize and configure the data source using given properties. Called when space is started.
(Inherited from IManagedDataSource.)
Creates and returns an enumerator over all the entries that should be loaded into space.
(Inherited from IManagedDataSource.)
Close the data source and clean any used resources. Called before space shutdown.
(Inherited from IManagedDataSource.)

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