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GigaSpaces.Core.Admin.ServiceGrid.Space.Mirror Namespace
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Declaration Syntax
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namespace GigaSpaces.Core.Admin.ServiceGrid.Space.Mirror
Namespace GigaSpaces.Core.Admin.ServiceGrid.Space.Mirror
namespace GigaSpaces.Core.Admin.ServiceGrid.Space.Mirror
package GigaSpaces.Core.Admin.ServiceGrid.Space.Mirror
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Statistics on operations executed on mirror space.

Represents specific mirror operation statistics. In a cluster that is active the numbers should be used as an estimation only, since statistics gathering is concurrent. In a cluster that does not have any activity the numbers are accurate. The statistics should comply to the following formula : operationCount = successfulCount + failedCount + discardedCount. This formula will not have an exact fit in active cluster and should be used as an estimation only.

Interface for mirror operation statistics. All mirror operations are executed in bulks. Each bulk can contain several operations that can be one of the following: Write, Update, Remove. BulkItem MirrorStatistics shows the total operation statistics, specific replication channel statistics and also statistics per operation - Write/Update/Remove. Mirror Channels statistics shows only operations that belong to specific space. This might be useful when monitoring a connection between specific space and the mirror. To get information about what is sent to the mirror by the cluster spaces, use the IReplicationStatistics API.