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IDumpProvider Interface
Class LibraryGigaSpaces.Core.Admin.ServiceGrid.DumpIDumpProvider
Elements in the admin API that support dump operations. Allows to generate dump of the given element(s).
Declaration Syntax
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public interface IDumpProvider
Public Interface IDumpProvider
public interface class IDumpProvider
public interface IDumpProvider
All MembersMethods

Generates dump for all the provided dump processors. Note, this will include a heap dump which can consume time and potentially be of very large size

GenerateDump(String, array<String>[]()[])
Generates dump for the provided processors. The current list of processors include:
  • summary: General summary information of the process.
  • network: Information on the network layer of the process and the OS network stats.
  • thread: Thread dump of the process.
  • heap: Heap dump of the process. Note, this is a heavy operation and can produce very large dump files
  • log: Adds all the log files of the process to the dump file.
  • processingUnits: Dump of all the processing units (applicable only for GSCs) information.

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