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ITransportLRMIMonitoring Interface
Class LibraryGigaSpaces.Core.Admin.ServiceGrid.TransportITransportLRMIMonitoring
Provide low level monitoring capabilities of the transport layer
Declaration Syntax
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public interface ITransportLRMIMonitoring
Public Interface ITransportLRMIMonitoring
public interface class ITransportLRMIMonitoring
public interface ITransportLRMIMonitoring
All MembersMethods

Disabled lrmi monitoring (gigaspaces internal remoting layer). EnableMonitoring()()()

Enables lrmi monitoring (gigaspaces internal remoting layer), this will cause the target transport to start tracking lrmi activity which can later be viewed by calling. FetchServicesMonitoringDetails()()()

Return lrmi (gigaspaces internal remoting layer) services monitoring details. This will only work if lrmi monitoring was previously enabled, either by admin API, Jmx or system property. This will include monitoring details of inbound invocation on hosted service and outbound invocation via proxies that exists within the targeted transport (Jvm). EnableMonitoring()()()

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