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Class LibraryGigaSpaces.CoreView
Represents a query used to initialize a local view.
Declaration Syntax
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public class View : SqlQuery<Object>
Public Class View _
	Inherits SqlQuery(Of Object)
public ref class View : public SqlQuery<Object^>
public class View extends SqlQuery<Object>
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View(Type, String)
Create an instance using the specified type and query.

View(String, String)
Creates an instance using the specified query and type name.

Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Allows an Object to attempt to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before the Object is reclaimed by garbage collection.
(Inherited from Object.)
Serves as a hash function for a particular type.
(Inherited from Object.)
Gets the Type of the current instance.
(Inherited from Object.)
Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Gets or sets projection properties which specifies that a result for an operation using this query should contain data for the specified projection properties. Other properties which were not specifies as a projection will not contain data. By default, if no projection was added, all the properties are returned with full data.
(Inherited from SqlQuery<(Of <(T>)>).)
Gets the query's text.
(Inherited from SqlQuery<(Of <(T>)>).)
Gets or sets the value that controls this query routing behavior.
(Inherited from SqlQuery<(Of <(T>)>).)
SetParameter(Int32, Object)
Sets the query parameter value, the number of parameters matches the number of question marks (?) in the query.
(Inherited from SqlQuery<(Of <(T>)>).)
Returns a String that represents the current Object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Get's the query's type name.
(Inherited from SqlQuery<(Of <(T>)>).)
Inheritance Hierarchy
SqlQuery<(Of <(Object>)>)

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