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AutoRenewLeaseDuration Property
Class LibraryGigaSpaces.Core.EventsEventSessionConfigAutoRenewLeaseDuration
Gets or sets the lease period, in milliseconds, used to auto renew the Event Session. This period defines the max time passes between session failure, and the time the failure notifications is received. The parameter value must be bigger than AutoRenewRTT.
Declaration Syntax
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public long AutoRenewLeaseDuration { get; set; }
Public Property AutoRenewLeaseDuration As Long
property long long AutoRenewLeaseDuration {
	long long get ();
	void set (long long value);
/** @property */
public long get_AutoRenewLeaseDuration()
/** @property */
public  void set_AutoRenewLeaseDuration(long value)
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Assembly: GigaSpaces.Core (Module: GigaSpaces.Core) Version: (