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Index Property
Class LibraryGigaSpaces.Core.MetadataSpacePropertyAttributeIndex
Specifies the indexing mode used with this field/property.
Declaration Syntax
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[ObsoleteAttribute("Use [SpaceIndex] instead.")]
public SpaceIndexType Index { get; set; }
<ObsoleteAttribute("Use [SpaceIndex] instead.")> _
Public Property Index As SpaceIndexType
[ObsoleteAttribute(L"Use [SpaceIndex] instead.")]
property SpaceIndexType Index {
	SpaceIndexType get ();
	void set (SpaceIndexType value);
/** @property */
/** @attribute ObsoleteAttribute("Use [SpaceIndex] instead.") */
public SpaceIndexType get_Index()
/** @property */
/** @attribute ObsoleteAttribute("Use [SpaceIndex] instead.") */
public  void set_Index(SpaceIndexType value)

Assembly: GigaSpaces.Core (Module: GigaSpaces.Core) Version: (