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ProcessingUnitContainerHost Constructor (puDirectory, clusterInfo, properties)
Class LibraryGigaSpaces.XAP.ProcessingUnit.ContainersProcessingUnitContainerHostProcessingUnitContainerHost(String, ClusterInfo, IDictionary<(Of <(String, String>)>))
Creates a processing unit container host and initialize the processing unit container which resides in the specified directory
Declaration Syntax
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public ProcessingUnitContainerHost(
	string puDirectory,
	ClusterInfo clusterInfo,
	IDictionary<string, string> properties
Public Sub New ( _
	puDirectory As String, _
	clusterInfo As ClusterInfo, _
	properties As IDictionary(Of String, String) _
	String^ puDirectory, 
	ClusterInfo^ clusterInfo, 
	IDictionary<String^, String^>^ properties
public ProcessingUnitContainerHost(
	String puDirectory,
	ClusterInfo clusterInfo,
	IDictionary<String, String> properties
puDirectory (String)
Processing unit container directory.
clusterInfo (ClusterInfo)
The cluster info that the hosted container will operate by.
properties (IDictionary<(Of <(String, String>)>))
Properties which will be passed to the hosted container.

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