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NonBlockingTriggerHandler<(Of <(TData>)>) Class
Class LibraryGigaSpaces.XAP.Events.Polling.TriggerNonBlockingTriggerHandler<(Of <(TData>)>)
Support class to perform either non blockin or blocking trigger operation.
Declaration Syntax
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public abstract class NonBlockingTriggerHandler<TData> : ITriggerOperationHandler<TData>
Public MustInherit Class NonBlockingTriggerHandler(Of TData) _
	Implements ITriggerOperationHandler(Of TData)
generic<typename TData>
public ref class NonBlockingTriggerHandler abstract : ITriggerOperationHandler<TData>
J# supports the use of generic APIs, but not the declaration of new ones.
Generic Template Parameters
Type of data to trigger.
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NonBlockingTriggerHandler<(Of <(TData>)>)()()()
Initializes a new instance of the NonBlockingTriggerHandler<(Of <(TData>)>) class

Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
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Allows an Object to attempt to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before the Object is reclaimed by garbage collection.
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Gets or sets whether to perform the operation in a non blocking manner.

Gets or sets the non blocking factor if NonBlocking is true. For instance if its value is 10 and the receive timeout of the operation is 1 seconds, The operation will be executed 10 times with intervals of 100 miliseconds between each executions.

Returns a String that represents the current Object.
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TriggerBlocking(IQuery<(Of <(TData>)>), ISpaceProxy, Int64)
Executes trigger operation logic in blocking mode

TriggerNonBlocking(IQuery<(Of <(TData>)>), ISpaceProxy)
Executes trigger operation logic in non blocking mode

TriggerReceive(IQuery<(Of <(TData>)>), ISpaceProxy, Int64)
Allows to perform a trigger receive operation which control if the active receive operation will be performed in a polling event container. This feature is mainly used when having polling event operations with transactions where the trigger receive operation is performed outside of a transaction thus reducing the creation of transactions did not perform the actual receive operation. If this method returns a non null value, it means that the receive operation should take place. If it returns a null value, no receive operation will be attempted, thus no transaction will be created.

Gets if the object that return from the TriggerReceive(IQuery<(Of <(TData>)>), ISpaceProxy, Int64) operation should be used as the receive template instead of the configured template.

Inheritance Hierarchy
NonBlockingTriggerHandler<(Of <(TData>)>)
 ReadTriggerOperationHandler<(Of <(TData>)>)

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