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TakeMultiple<(Of <(T>)>) Method (template, maxItems)
Class LibraryGigaSpaces.CoreISpaceProxyTakeMultiple<(Of <(T>)>)(T, Int32)
Take an array of matching objects from the space. Matching is done as in Take with no timeout.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++J#
T[] TakeMultiple<T>(
	T template,
	int maxItems
Function TakeMultiple(Of T) ( _
	template As T, _
	maxItems As Integer _
) As T()
generic<typename T>
array<T>^ TakeMultiple(
	T template, 
	int maxItems
J# supports the use of generic APIs, but not the declaration of new ones.
Generic Template Parameters
Type of object to read.
template (T)
The template used for matching.
maxItems (Int32)
Maximum number of objects to return.
Return Value
An array of objects taken from the space (empty array if no match was found).
TakeMultipleExceptionThe operation had a failure.

Assembly: GigaSpaces.Core (Module: GigaSpaces.Core) Version: (