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Packages that use RoleDataAccessException Security Directory The security directory (storing users and roles) is managed by the Directory Manager. 

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Methods in that throw RoleDataAccessException
 void RoleManager.createRole(RoleDetails roleDetails)
          Create a new role with the specified roleDetails.
 void RoleManager.deleteRole(String role)
          Delete an existing role represented by the specified role.
 RoleDetails RoleManager.getRole(String role)
          Retrieve the role details by role.
 Map<String,RoleDetails> RoleManager.mapRoles()
          Returns a map containing mapping between role and role-details.
 boolean RoleManager.roleExists(String role)
          Queries for presence of a role by role.
 void RoleManager.updateRole(RoleDetails roleDetails)
          Updates the role details, excluding the role which must remain the same.

GigaSpaces XAP 10.0.1 API

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