Package com.j_spaces.core

Provides Space properties and security context services


Interface Summary
IGSEntry This class represents an Entry in a GigaSpace.
IJSpace This interface represents the application view of a GigaSpace instance.
IJSpaceContainer GigaSpaces(tm) introduces a unique concept to the JavaSpaces world - Space Containers.
ISpaceState Defines a set of constants that gives an information on the state of a JavaSpace.
IStubHandler A filter that contains functions to control the life cycle of a space related stub.
LeaseContext<T> LeaseContext is a return-value encapsulation of a write operation.
ObjectTypes Specifies object types.

Class Summary
JSpaceAttributes JSpaceAttributes that contains all information per space.
LeaseProxy An instance of this class represents an entry/template lease or a lease of an event registration results from a notify.
SecurityContext The SecurityContext class defines security info passed from the proxy to the space, and is used by the security filters to validate access to space functions.
SpaceContext The SpaceContext class defines context info passed from the proxy to the space, and is used by the filters to validate and process space functions.
SpaceCopyStatus Contains all information about space copy operation.

Exception Summary
CreateException A CreateException is thrown if an attempt to create a new space fails.
DestroyedFailedException A DestroyedFailedException is thrown if an attempt to destroy an existing space fails.
DetailedUnusableEntryException A DetailedUnusableEntryException is thrown when class version compatibility error, the space server contains an older version of class.
DropClassException Thrown when drop class operation failed.
EntrySerializationException This RuntimeException thrown when failed to serialize or deserialize Entry field.
FifoOperationException Parent exception class of all Fifo Exceptions.
InvalidFifoClassException This exception is thrown during write operation when the Entry's class FIFO mode already been defined and a later write operation define different FIFO mode.
InvalidFifoTemplateException This exception is thrown if read or take operations executed in FIFO mode, but the template class FIFO mode already been set to non FIFO.
MemoryShortageException This Exception indicates that the space server process reached the predefined percentage usage ratio.
NoSuchNameException A NoSuchNameException is thrown when a lookup of an object by name is performed and the name is not found.
SpaceSecurityException A SpaceSecurityException is thrown if a security filter failes during init/add process or during process routine, it causes the operation to abort, or if init/add failed- abort space creation.

Package com.j_spaces.core Description

Provides Space properties and security context services