GigaSpaces XAP 8.0 API

Class ConflictResolver

  extended by com.gigaspaces.cluster.replication.gateway.conflict.ConflictResolver

public abstract class ConflictResolver
extends Object

A base class for a gateway replication Sink component conflict resolver. An appropriate method is invoked for the following conflicts:

1. DataConflict - conflicts caused by write/update/take operation execution.
2. RegisterTypeDescriptorConflict - conflict caused by a type registration operation execution.
3. AddIndexConflict - conflict caused by an add indexes operation execution.

The conflict resolver will be called if there is some conflict when attempting to apply the replication affect into the local space. If the cause for the conflict is EntryLockedUnderTransactionConflict, there will be an automatic retry of the operation according to predefined configuration. In such case the conflict resolver is invoked only after the amount of configurable operation retries has exceeded and the EntryLockedUnderTransactionConflict conflict still occurs.


Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void onAddIndexConflict(String sourceGatewayName, AddIndexConflict conflict)
          Invoked after an AddIndexConflict occurred.
 void onDataConflict(String sourceGatewayName, DataConflict conflict)
          Invoked after a DataConflict occurred.
 void onRegisterTypeDescriptorConflict(String sourceGatewayName, RegisterTypeDescriptorConflict conflict)
          Invoked after a RegisterTypeDescriptorConflict occurred.
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Constructor Detail


public ConflictResolver()
Method Detail


public void onDataConflict(String sourceGatewayName,
                           DataConflict conflict)
Invoked after a DataConflict occurred. The default behavior of the conflict resolver is to abort all the operation that exists inside the provided DataConflict.

sourceGatewayName - The source gateway name the operations were replicated from.
conflict - The DataConflict instance representing the conflict.


public void onRegisterTypeDescriptorConflict(String sourceGatewayName,
                                             RegisterTypeDescriptorConflict conflict)
Invoked after a RegisterTypeDescriptorConflict occurred.

sourceGatewayName - The source gateway name the operation was replicated from.
conflict - The RegisterTypeDescriptorConflict instance representing the conflict.


public void onAddIndexConflict(String sourceGatewayName,
                               AddIndexConflict conflict)
Invoked after an AddIndexConflict occurred.

sourceGatewayName - The source gateway name the operation was replicated from.
conflict - The AddIndexConflict instance representing the conflict.

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