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Security Authorities There are four categories of user authorities.


Interface Summary
InternalAuthority An internal API extension to the default Authority adding privilege associations.
Privilege An interface for all Privileges.
SpaceAuthority.Filter<T> interface for data access filtering.
SpaceAuthority.NegateFilter<T> interface for restrictive data access filtering.

Class Summary
GrantedAuthorities Encapsulates the authorities granted to a specific user, to ease access control and authorization decisions.
GridAuthority Defines an Authority for managing grid services, with the specified privilege.
MonitorAuthority Defines an Authority for monitoring a service, with the specified privilege.
PopulatedRoleAuthority A role authority which holds all the authorities this role represents.
RoleAuthority Defines an association of a role by-name.
SpaceAuthority Defines an Authority for operating on Space (stored) data, with the specified privilege.
SpaceAuthority.ClassFilter Class filter accepting only the defined class-name.
SpaceAuthority.NegateClassFilter Class filter accepting only classes not of the defined class-name.
SpaceAuthority.NegatePackageFilter Package filter accepting only packages not of the defined package.
SpaceAuthority.NegateRegexFilter Negate a regular expression filter.
SpaceAuthority.PackageFilter Package filter accepting only the defined package
SpaceAuthority.RegexFilter Regular expression filter, using a regular expression as a pattern of characters that describes a set of strings.
SpaceAuthority.WildcardExpressionToFilterConverter Convert a wildcard expression to a filter instance.
SystemAuthority Defines an Authority for managing of users and roles.

Enum Summary
GridAuthority.GridPrivilege Defines managing services privileges
MonitorAuthority.MonitorPrivilege Defines monitoring privileges
RoleAuthority.RolePrivilege Empty placeholder for Role privilege (part of authority format)
SpaceAuthority.SpacePrivilege Defines operation privileges
SystemAuthority.SystemPrivilege Defines monitoring privileges

Package Description

Security Authorities

There are four categories of user authorities. These categories allow the flexibility of securing the different components of GigaSpaces. "Authority" refers to an abstraction given to a set of privileges of the same category. A "Privilege" (permission) is a granted right to perform an operation/action on a resource.

GigaSpaces XAP 8.0 API

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