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com.sun.jini.reggie Provides implementations of ServiceRegistrar

Uses of ServiceTypeBase in com.sun.jini.reggie

Methods in com.sun.jini.reggie that return ServiceTypeBase
 ServiceTypeBase[] GigaRegistrar.getServiceTypes(Template tmpl, String prefix)
 ServiceTypeBase[] Registrar.getServiceTypes(Template tmpl, String prefix)
          Looks at all service items that match the specified template, and for every service item finds the most specific type (class or interface) or types the service item is an instance of that are neither equal to, nor a superclass of, any of the service types in the template and that have names that start with the specified prefix, and returns the set of all such types.
static ServiceTypeBase ClassMapper.toServiceTypeBase(Class cls)
          Returns a ServiceTypeBase descriptor for a class.

Methods in com.sun.jini.reggie with parameters of type ServiceTypeBase
static Class[] ServiceTypeBase.toClass(ServiceTypeBase[] stypes)
          Converts an array of ServiceTypeBase to an array of Class.

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