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Interface DesiredExpirationListener

All Superinterfaces:
EventListener, LeaseListener

public interface DesiredExpirationListener
extends LeaseListener

Subinterface of LeaseListener that clients must implement if they want to receive desired expiration reached events in addition to renewal failure events.

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Method Summary
 void expirationReached(LeaseRenewalEvent e)
          Method used to delivered desired expiration reached events.
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void expirationReached(LeaseRenewalEvent e)
Method used to delivered desired expiration reached events. The getException method of the passed event will always return null.

Note that, prior to invoking this method, the LeaseRenewalManager removes the affected lease from the managed set of leases. Note also that, because of the reentrancy guarantee made by the LeaseRenewalManager, it is safe to call back into the renewal manager from this method.

e - instance of LeaseRenewalEvent containing information about the lease that was removed from the LeaseRenewalManager because its desired expiration was reached

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