GigaSpaces XAP 8.0 API

Package org.openspaces.core

Top level core package holding main OpenSpaces API for Space (GigaSpace) and Map (GigaMap) and the ability to create it.


Interface Summary
GigaMap Provides a simpler interface on top of IMap and Cache implementation.
GigaSpace Provides a simpler interface of both JavaSpace and GigaSpaces IJSpace extension utilizing GigaSpaces extended and simplified programming model.
GigaSpaceTypeManager Interface encapsulating operations for getting and managing space type descriptors.

Class Summary
DefaultGigaMap An implementation of the GigaMap interface simplifying the work with JCache and Map interface on top of the Space.
DefaultGigaSpace Default implementation of GigaSpace.
DefaultGigaSpaceTypeManager Default implementation of GigaSpaceTypeManager.
ExecutorBuilder<T extends Serializable,R> The executor builder allows to combine all the different types of executing tasks into a single execution (of course, the execution itself, of all the tasks, is asynchronous).
GigaMapConfigurer A simple programmatic configurer for GigaMap instance wrapping the GigaMapFactoryBean.
GigaSpaceConfigurer A simple programmatic configurer for GigaSpace instance wrapping the GigaSpaceFactoryBean.
GigaSpaceFactoryBean A factory bean creating GigaSpace implementation.
IteratorBuilder A utility builder class for GSIterator.
ReadByIdsException.ReadByIdResult Holds a ReadByIdsException result.
TakeByIdsException.TakeByIdResult Holds a TakeByIdsException result.

Enum Summary
ReadByIdsException.ReadByIdResult.ReadByIdResultType Determines the result type of a read by id operation result.
TakeByIdsException.TakeByIdResult.TakeByIdResultType Determines the result type of a take by id operation result.

Exception Summary
BadSqlQueryException An exception indicating wrong SQL query usage.
ClearException Thrown when a clear space operations fails.
EntryAlreadyInSpaceException This exception is thrown when write operation is rejected when the entry (or another with same UID) is already in space.
EntryNotInSpaceException This exception is thrown when update, readIfExist or takeIfExist operations are rejected.
EntrySerializationException Thrown when failed to serialize or deserialize Entry field.
InactiveTransactionException Thrown when an operation is performed on an inactive transaction.
InternalSpaceException A wrapper for InternalSpaceException.
InvalidFifoClassException Deprecated. This exception is no longer thrown.
InvalidFifoOperationException A base class for invalid fifo operations exceptions.
InvalidFifoTemplateException This exception is thrown if read or take operations executed in FIFO mode, but the template class FIFO mode already been set to non FIFO.
InvalidTransactionUsageException Thrown when an invalid transaction usage is performed.
ObjectConversionException Thrown when a conversion error occurred.
QueryMultiplePartialFailureException Deprecated. since 7.1.
ReadByIdsException Thrown when readByIds operation fails.
ReadMultipleException Thrown when a readMultiple space operations fails.
RedoLogCapacityExceededException This exeception indicates the redo log reached its planned capacity and operations should be blocked until the redolog size is reduced RedoLogCapacityExceededException
RemoteDataAccessException Wraps RemoteException that is thrown from the Space.
ResourceCapacityExceededException This exception indicates that a resource usage on the server is exceeding its capacity SpaceMemoryShortageException RedoLogCapacityExceededException ResourceCapacityExceededException
SecurityAccessException Thrown for a failed operation on a secured service, due to either failed authentication or access denial.
SpaceClosedException Thrown when operation is performed while space is closing its resources.
SpaceInterruptedException Indicates an interrupted exception that is thrown from the Space.
SpaceMemoryShortageException This Exception indicates that the space server process reached the predefined percentage usage ratio.
SpaceMetadataException Thrown when a metadata error is detected.
SpaceOptimisticLockingFailureException This exception is thrown when update/take operation is rejected as a result of optimistic locking version conflict.
SpaceTimeoutException A general timeout operation exception
SpaceUnavailableException This exception is thrown in case when space is unavailable.
TakeByIdsException Thrown when takeByIds operation fails.
TakeMultipleException Thrown when a takeMultiple space operations fails.
TransactionDataAccessException An exception occurred during a space operation that has to do with transactional semantics.
UncategorizedSpaceException A GigaSpace based data access exception that could not be translated to one of Spring DataAccessException subclasses or one of our own subclasses.
UnusableEntryException Thrown when one tries to get an Entry from a service, but the entry is unusable (due to serialization or other errors).
UpdateOperationTimeoutException Thrown when a space update operation timeouts after waiting for a transactional proper matching entry.
WriteMultipleException Thrown when writeMultiple operation fails.
WriteMultiplePartialFailureException Deprecated. since 7.1. use WriteMultipleException

Package org.openspaces.core Description

Top level core package holding main OpenSpaces API for Space (GigaSpace) and Map (GigaMap) and the ability to create it. Also includes a runtime level exceptions hierarchy based on Spring DAO exceptions.

GigaSpaces XAP 8.0 API

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