GigaSpaces XAP 8.0 API

Package org.openspaces.remoting.scripting

Interface Summary
LazyLoadingScript Allows to define a lazy loading script which will not send the scipt contents during the invocaiton if the scipt can be cached and compiled.
LocalScriptExecutor<T> An SPI implementation for script executor ("on the server side") that can handle a specific script type (or labguage).
Script A script that will be excuted.
ScriptingExecutor<T> Scripting executor allows to execute Script using remoting.

Class Summary
DefaultScriptingExecutor A Default "server" side script executor.
EventDrivenScriptingProxyConfigurer<T> A simple programmatic configurer creating a remote event driven scripting proxy Usage example: IJSpace space = new UrlSpaceConfigurer("jini://*/*/mySpace") .space(); GigaSpace gigaSpace = new GigaSpaceConfigurer(space).gigaSpace(); ScriptingExecutor executor = new EventDrivenScriptingProxyConfigurer(gigaSpace) .timeout(15000) .scriptingExecutor(); Integer result = executor.execute(new StaticScript() .type("groovy") .name("myScript") .script("return 1")));
ExecutorScriptingProxyConfigurer<T> A simple programmatic configurer creating a remote executor scripting proxy.
GroovyLocalScriptExecutor Groovy local script executor.
JRubyLocalScriptExecutor JRuby local script executor.
Jsr223LocalScriptExecutor Java 6 (JSR 223) script executor.
LazyLoadingRemoteInvocationAspect The lazy loading remote invocation aspect wraps the actual remote invocation and adds support for LazyLoadingScripts.
ResourceLazyLoadingScript A resource lazy loading script is a lazy loading script that uses Spring abstraction on top of resources on top of a resource.
ScriptingRemoteRoutingHandler A remoting routing handler that uses Script.getRouting() in order to computer the routing index.
StaticResourceScript A static script that uses Spring Resource and ResourceLoader to load a given script (for example, from the classpath).
StaticScript A script that holds the actual script as a String.

Exception Summary
ScriptCompilationException An exception indicating a sctipt compilation error.
ScriptExecutionException An exception indicating failure to execute the script.
ScriptingException A general scripting exception.
ScriptNotLoadedException An exception indicating that a script was executed without its script content not loaded.

Annotation Types Summary
EventDrivenScriptingExecutor Allows to inject a ScriptingExecutor remoting proxy using EventDrivenSpaceRemotingProxyFactoryBean.
ExecutorScriptingExecutor Allows to inject a ScriptingExecutor remoting proxy using ExecutorSpaceRemotingProxyFactoryBean.

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