JavaException Class Reference

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XAPException EntryAlreadyInSpaceException EntryNotInSpaceException EntryVersionConflictException FinderException IllegalArgumentException InternalSpaceException InterruptedException LeaseDeniedException MemoryShortageException NoSuchElementException OperationTimeoutException RemoteException SpaceSecurityException TransactionException UnusableEntryException

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Detailed Description

Base class for all exceptions passed from Java server to C++ client.

Public Member Functions

std::string getJavaExceptionChain ()
 Returns the string containing all nested Java exceptions.
 JavaException (const std::string &javaException, const std::string &javaExceptionChain, const std::string &message)

Protected Attributes

std::string javaExceptionChain
 Chain of all nested exceptions.

Member Function Documentation

std::string JavaException::getJavaExceptionChain (  )  [inline]

Returns the string containing all nested Java exceptions.

Member Data Documentation

std::string JavaException::javaExceptionChain [protected]

Chain of all nested exceptions.

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