GigaSpaces XAP 9.5 C++ Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
BlobA special type of field in an IEntry derived class that encapsulates any binary data
CommandObjectThe CommandObject is the universal container for Exchanging data between Java and CPP workers
DataEventSessionThe common interface that is used when working with data events
EntryAlreadyInSpaceExceptionThis exception is thrown when write operation is rejected when the entry (or another with same UID) is already in space
EntryNotInSpaceExceptionThis exception is thrown when update, readIfExist or takeIfExist operations are rejected
EntryVersionConflictExceptionThis exception is thrown when update/take operation is rejected as a result of optimistic locking version conflict
EventRegistrationA utility class for use as a return value for event-interest registration methods
EventSessionCommon interface for all EventSession types
EventSessionConfigClass EventSessionConfig Used for configuring an EventSession
EventSessionFactoryThe EventSessionFactory is a static service class that creates DataEventSession - for handling data events
ExceptionCommandThis Exception is thrown when a CommandObject that is sent to the Java ServiceBean throws an Exception
FinderExceptionAn exception that is thrown when failing to find a space
GSIteratorCreates an iterator that can be used to exhaustively read through all of the visible matching entries in the space and any additional entries that match
ICppWorkerProvides the interface for a processing unit worker
IEntryProvides an interface for an entry in the space
IllegalArgumentExceptionAn exception thrown to indicate that a method has been passed an illegal or inappropriate argument
InternalSpaceExceptionThis exception might be thrown by a space that encounters an inconsistency in its own internal state or is unable to process a request because of internal limitations
InterruptedExceptionAn exception thrown if the thread in which an operation occurs is interrupted
IRemoteEventListenerThis interface is the pure virtual interface for notification events
ITransactionManagerProvides an interface for a Transaction Manager
IWorkerPeerProvides an interface to call back the container host
JavaExceptionBase class for all exceptions passed from Java server to C++ client
JiniConfigA Config object that holds configuration properties for a Distributed Transaction Manager based on Jini Mahalo
LeaseEncapsulates a Jini Lease object
LeaseDeniedExceptionAn exception generated when a lease request or renewal is denied
MemoryShortageExceptionThis Exception indicates that the space server process reached the predefined percentage usage ratio
ModifiersContains enum of modifiers that are used to modify the behavior of space operations
NoSuchElementExceptionThis exception is thrown by GSIterator::getNext(timeout) to indicate that timeout has expired and no available match was found
NotifyModifiersNotification Modifiers are passed into the clients listeners method when the space performs an operation that this notify listener has registered for
NullEntryExceptionAn exception thrown if NULL is passed as IEntry object or template argument to a space operation
OperationTimeoutExceptionAn exception thrown if timeout expires
RemoteEventRemoteEvent object includes a reference to the object in which the event occurred, an int which identifies the kind of event relative to the object in which the event occurred, a long long which indicates the sequence number of this instance of the event kind
RemoteExceptionAn exception thrown when a communication error occurs
SecurityContextDefines security information (username and password) that can grant access to a secured space
SerializationExceptionThis exception is thrown from the SpaceProxy operations when it is not possible to construct an object from the Space
SerializerInterface one must derive from if you want to write a serializer the hard way
SpaceFinderProvides an interface to obtain a proxy to a space (SpaceProxy)
SpaceProxyThe SpaceProxy is the primary interface that allows you to connect to the space and perform space operations
SpaceSecurityExceptionThis exception might be thrown by a space that encounters an inconsistency in its own internal state or is unable to process a request because of internal limitations
SQLQueryUsed to query the space using the SQL syntax
SqlQueryProvides an interface to use SQL queries when accessing entries in the Space
openutils::ThreadExceptionClass ThreadException thrown by Thread and Mutex function calls
TransactionThis CPP class represents a transaction within the OpenSpaces environment
TransactionExceptionAn exception thrown if a Transaction error occurs
UnusableEntryExceptionAn exception thrown when one tries to access an Entry in the space, but the entry is unusable (due to serialization or other errors)
XAPExceptionBase class for XAP C++ exceptions

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