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Declaration Syntax
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namespace GigaSpaces.Core.Admin.ServiceGrid
Namespace GigaSpaces.Core.Admin.ServiceGrid
namespace GigaSpaces.Core.Admin.ServiceGrid
package GigaSpaces.Core.Admin.ServiceGrid
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For internal use.

For internal use.

A general interface implements by elements that can provide access to IServiceGridAdmin

An Agent grid component is a IGridComponent that can be started by a IGridServiceAgent

A discoverable component is a component that is found from the lookup service.

Grid Component is an element that can provide information on the machine it is running one, the transport it uses, the Operating system it is running on, and the virtual machine that started it.

The main interface for accessing Service Grid Admin API. Created using the ServiceGridAdminBuilder class. Provides access to the main elements in the Service Grid Admin API and in GigaSpaces such as the IGridServiceAgents, ILookupServices, IGridServiceManagers, IGridServiceContainers, IProcessingUnits, and ISpaces. Also allows to change monitoring (not statistics) interval (works in a polling fashion) of state changing elements such as the processing unit, the Grid Service Agent, and the Space. Implements the IStatisticsMonitor interface, allowing in one single call (StartStatisticsMonitor()()()) to start statistics monitors on all the elements it manages (such as the {ISpaces}, and IVirtualMachines.

Components implement this interface indicating that they can be monitored for statistics. Components will allow to get their respective statistics without being monitoring (while caching the calls for the provided statistics interval). Monitoring statistics is only required when wanting to receive statistics change events. The statistics interval controls either for how long the latest statistics call will be cached, or, when monitoring is enabled, the interval the statistics will be pooled. Its default value is 5 seconds.

A builder that builds IServiceGridAdmin instance. Allows to set the Lookup Service Groups and Locators. The IServiceGridAdmin listens for events from the lookup service of components added and removed. It will monitor all components that work within the specified group and locator. Allows to set the username and password that will be used to authenticate when secured services are discovered.