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ILookupServices Interface
Class LibraryGigaSpaces.Core.Admin.ServiceGrid.LookupServiceILookupServices
Lookup Services hold all the different ILookupServices that are currently discovered. Provides simple means to get all the current lus, as well as as registering for lus lifecycle (added and removed) events.
Declaration Syntax
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public interface ILookupServices : IAdminAware, 
	IDumpProvider, IEnumerable<ILookupService>, IEnumerable
Public Interface ILookupServices _
	Implements IAdminAware, IDumpProvider, IEnumerable(Of ILookupService),  _
public interface class ILookupServices : IAdminAware, 
	IDumpProvider, IEnumerable<ILookupService^>, IEnumerable
public interface ILookupServices extends IAdminAware, 
	IDumpProvider, IEnumerable<ILookupService>, IEnumerable
All MembersMethodsPropertiesEvents

Gets the IServiceGridAdmin associated with this element.
(Inherited from IAdminAware.)
Gets the number of currently discovered lookup services.

Generates dump for all the provided dump processors. Note, this will include a heap dump which can consume time and potentially be of very large size
(Inherited from IDumpProvider.)
GenerateDump(String, array<String>[]()[])
Generates dump for the provided processors. The current list of processors include:
  • summary: General summary information of the process.
  • network: Information on the network layer of the process and the OS network stats.
  • thread: Thread dump of the process.
  • heap: Heap dump of the process. Note, this is a heavy operation and can produce very large dump files
  • log: Adds all the log files of the process to the dump file.
  • processingUnits: Dump of all the processing units (applicable only for GSCs) information.
(Inherited from IDumpProvider.)
Returns an enumerator that iterates through the collection.
(Inherited from IEnumerable<(Of <(ILookupService>)>).)
Returns an enumerator that iterates through a collection.
(Inherited from IEnumerable.)
Returns a ILookupService based on its uid.

States if there are no discovered lookup services.

Occurs when a ILookupService is added.

Occurs when a ILookupService is removed.

Gets all the currently discovered ILookupService.

Gets a dictionary of lookup service with the key as the uid.

Waits for SetDefaultTimeout(TimeSpan) till the provided number of lookup services are up.

WaitFor(Int32, TimeSpan)
Waits for the given timeout till the provided number of lookup services are up.

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