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ILookupService Interface
Class LibraryGigaSpaces.Core.Admin.ServiceGrid.LookupServiceILookupService
A lookup service acts a lookup server where different grid components register and maintain a lease against. It provides the ability to discover these grid components.
Declaration Syntax
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Gets the IServiceGridAdmin associated with this element.
(Inherited from IAdminAware.)
Gets the agent id of the component.
(Inherited from IAgentGridComponent.)
Returns true if the component is currently discovered from the lookup service. false if an event of component removal was sent from the lookup service.
(Inherited from IDiscoverableComponent.)
Generates dump for all the provided dump processors. Note, this will include a heap dump which can consume time and potentially be of very large size
(Inherited from IDumpProvider.)
GenerateDump(String, array<String>[]()[])
Generates dump for the provided processors. The current list of processors include:
  • summary: General summary information of the process.
  • network: Information on the network layer of the process and the OS network stats.
  • thread: Thread dump of the process.
  • heap: Heap dump of the process. Note, this is a heavy operation and can produce very large dump files
  • log: Adds all the log files of the process to the dump file.
  • processingUnits: Dump of all the processing units (applicable only for GSCs) information.
(Inherited from IDumpProvider.)
Gets the IGridServiceAgent that started the grid component.
(Inherited from IAgentGridComponent.)
Kills the grid component. The Grid Service Agent will not try to start it (as it does when abnormal termination of the component occurs).
(Inherited from IAgentGridComponent.)
Gets the lookup groups this lookup service is associated to.

Gets the ILookupLocator of this lookup service.

Gets the IMachine the component is running on.
(Inherited from IMachineAware.)
Gets the operating system the grid component is running within.
(Inherited from IOperatingSystemAware.)
Restarts the grid component. Completely killing the process of the component, and then starting it again.
(Inherited from IAgentGridComponent.)
Gets the transport the grid component is using.
(Inherited from ITransportAware.)
Gets the unique id of the grid component.
(Inherited from IGridComponent.)
Gets the virtual machine the grid component is running within.
(Inherited from IVirtualMachineAware.)
Gets the zones the grid component is running within.
(Inherited from IZoneAware.)

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