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SpaceFifoGroupingPropertyAttribute Class
Class LibraryGigaSpaces.Core.MetadataSpaceFifoGroupingPropertyAttribute
Specifies that the annotated property will be used as the fifo grouping property. If defined, the FifoGroupingPoll or FifoGroupingPoll modifiers can be used to return all space entries that match the selection template in FIFO order. Different values of the FG property define groups of space entries that match each value - FIFO ordering exists within each group and not between different groups. There can be only one FIFO Grouping property per type. FIFO grouping property can be declared on a nested property, by specifying a path as done for SpaceIndex. For example: 1. To declare the 'symbolName' property as fifoGroupingProperty
public String SymbolName { get; set; } 

gigaSpace.take(new Symbol("symbolA"), timeout, <see cref="F:GigaSpaces.Core.TakeModifiers.FifoGroupingPoll" />)
will return all the space entries with symbolName equal to "symbolA" in FIFO order. 2. To index '':
[spaceFifoGroupingProperty(path = "name")]
public Info PersonalInfo { get; set; }
Declaration Syntax
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public class SpaceFifoGroupingPropertyAttribute : Attribute
Public Class SpaceFifoGroupingPropertyAttribute _
	Inherits Attribute
public ref class SpaceFifoGroupingPropertyAttribute : public Attribute
public class SpaceFifoGroupingPropertyAttribute extends Attribute
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Gets or sets the fifo grouping property path. The path specifies which property path is used for fifo grouping. If none is defined - the property itself is used for fifo grouping.

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