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GigaSpaces XAP 12.3.0 API


Service-side security auditing

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Package Description

Service-side security auditing

Configuring the security audit implementation class as part of the security properties: =
Server-side security auditing uses the configuration given entirely by the LogManager properties. These properties are part of the logging configuration config/log/

Logging configuration properties - defaults:

# Enable/Disable security auditing = false

# Audit level of interest = OFF

# Declarable extension for property configuration =

# Properties configuring the audit-handler: = com.gigaspaces.logger.GSSimpleFormatter = {homedir}/logs/gigaspaces-security-audit-{service}-{host}-{pid}.log

Audit Levels

.OFF     - Nothing is audited
.SEVERE  - Authentication failure or invalid session
.WARNING - Access denied due to insufficient privileges
.INFO    - Authentication successful
.FINE    - Access granted
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GigaSpaces XAP 12.3.0 API

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