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Uses of Interface

Packages that use Privilege Security Authorities There are four categories of user authorities. 

Uses of Privilege in

Classes in that implement Privilege
static class GridAuthority.GridPrivilege
          Defines managing services privileges
static class MonitorAuthority.MonitorPrivilege
          Defines monitoring privileges
static class RoleAuthority.RolePrivilege
          Empty placeholder for Role privilege (part of authority format)
static class SpaceAuthority.SpacePrivilege
          Defines operation privileges
static class SystemAuthority.SystemPrivilege
          Defines monitoring privileges

Methods in that return Privilege
 Privilege GridAuthority.getPrivilege()
 Privilege InternalAuthority.getPrivilege()
          A granted privilege associated with this Authority.
 Privilege MonitorAuthority.getPrivilege()
 Privilege SpaceAuthority.getPrivilege()
 Privilege SystemAuthority.getPrivilege()

Methods in with parameters of type Privilege
 boolean GrantedAuthorities.isGranted(Privilege privilege)
          Evaluates to true if has been granted the required privilege, disregarding any classname filters of a SpaceAuthority.
 boolean GrantedAuthorities.isGranted(Privilege privilege, Object object)
          Evaluates to true if has been granted the required privileges to access the specified object.

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