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Packages that use Administrable
com.sun.jini.mahalo Provides implementations of the TransactionManager service. 
com.sun.jini.mahalo.log Utilities for managing Mahalo's recoverable log of transaction state. 
com.sun.jini.reggie Provides implementations of ServiceRegistrar   
org.openspaces.pu.container.servicegrid A Service Grid based processing unit container. 

Uses of Administrable in com.gigaspaces.grid.esm

Subinterfaces of Administrable in com.gigaspaces.grid.esm
 interface com.gigaspaces.grid.esm.ESM

Uses of Administrable in com.sun.jini.mahalo

Subinterfaces of Administrable in com.sun.jini.mahalo
 interface TxnManager
          Encapsulates the interface of an implementation of a TransactionManager.

Classes in com.sun.jini.mahalo that implement Administrable
 class TxnManagerImpl
          An implementation of the Jini(TM) Transaction Specification.
 class TxnMgrProxy
          A TxnMgrProxy is a proxy for the transaction manager service.

Uses of Administrable in com.sun.jini.mahalo.log

Subinterfaces of Administrable in com.sun.jini.mahalo.log
 interface LogManager
          Represents the functions performed by a log manager.

Classes in com.sun.jini.mahalo.log that implement Administrable
 class MockLogManager
          mock log manager for transient mahalo
 class MultiLogManager

Uses of Administrable in com.sun.jini.reggie

Subinterfaces of Administrable in com.sun.jini.reggie
 interface Registrar
          Registrar defines the private protocol between the various client-side proxies and the registrar server.

Classes in com.sun.jini.reggie that implement Administrable
 class GigaRegistrar
          Base server-side implementation of a lookup service, subclassed by TransientRegistrarImpl and PersistentRegistrarImpl.

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Classes in that implement Administrable

Uses of Administrable in

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Classes in that implement Administrable

Uses of Administrable in org.openspaces.grid.esm

Classes in org.openspaces.grid.esm that implement Administrable
 class ESMImpl
 class ESMProxy

Uses of Administrable in org.openspaces.pu.container.servicegrid

Subinterfaces of Administrable in org.openspaces.pu.container.servicegrid
 interface PUServiceBean

Classes in org.openspaces.pu.container.servicegrid that implement Administrable
 class PUServiceBeanImpl
 class PUServiceBeanProxy

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