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Packages that use LeaseMap
com.sun.jini.landlord This is a utility for services implementing leases. Some basic utility classes for helping with client-side lease renewal operations. 
com.sun.jini.reggie Provides implementations of ServiceRegistrar These are distributed leasing interfaces and classes. 

Uses of LeaseMap in com.sun.jini.landlord

Classes in com.sun.jini.landlord that implement LeaseMap
 class ConstrainableLandlordLeaseMap
          Constrainable sub-class of LandlordLeaseMap.
 class LandlordLeaseMap
          Implementation of LeaseMap for LandlordLease.

Methods in com.sun.jini.landlord that return LeaseMap
 LeaseMap ConstrainableLandlordLease.createLeaseMap(long duration)
 LeaseMap LandlordLease.createLeaseMap(long duration)

Uses of LeaseMap in

Classes in that implement LeaseMap
 class AbstractLeaseMap
          A base class for implementing LeaseMaps.

Uses of LeaseMap in com.sun.jini.reggie

Methods in com.sun.jini.reggie that return LeaseMap
 LeaseMap ConstrainableEventLease.createLeaseMap(long duration)
          Creates a constraint-aware lease map.

Uses of LeaseMap in

Methods in that return LeaseMap
 LeaseMap Lease.createLeaseMap(long duration)
          Creates a Map object that can contain leases whose renewal or cancellation can be batched, and adds the current lease to that map.

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