GigaSpaces XAP 8.0 API


These are distributed leasing interfaces and classes.


Interface Summary
Lease The Lease interface defines a type of object that is returned to the lease holder and issued by the lease grantor.
LeaseMap An unsynchronized Map from Lease to Long (the duration to use when renewing the lease).

Exception Summary
LeaseDeniedException An exception generated when a lease request or renewal is denied.
LeaseException Generic superclass for specific lease exceptions.
LeaseMapException An exception generated when a LeaseMap renewAll or cancelAll call generates exceptions on one or more leases in the map.
UnknownLeaseException An exception used to indicate that a lease is not known to the grantor of the lease.

Package Description

These are distributed leasing interfaces and classes. A Lease represents an agreement between lease holder and lease grantor over how long the grantor will keep a resource available. The grantor pledges to keep the resource available for at least as long as the remaining time of the lease. The holder typically requests a lease for a given time frame, and the grantor returns a Lease object that represents the pledge it is actually willing to make (which may be different from the requested time). The grantor may allow the holder to renew the lease, thereby extending the pledge to a later time.

See Also:
"Jini(TM) Distributed Leasing Specification"

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