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Package net.jini.core.lookup

These are the lookup service interfaces and classes.


Interface Summary
ServiceRegistrar Defines the interface to the lookup service.
ServiceRegistration A registered service item is manipulated using an instance of this class.

Class Summary
ServiceEvent This class is used for remote events sent by the lookup service.
ServiceID A universally unique identifier (UUID) for registered services.
ServiceItem Items are stored in and retrieved from the lookup service using instances of this class.
ServiceMatches An instance of this class is used for the return value when looking up multiple items in the lookup service.
ServiceMatchesMerger Merges together a set of ServiceItems extracted from a ServiceMatches result.
ServiceTemplate Items in the lookup service are matched using instance of this class.

Package net.jini.core.lookup Description

These are the lookup service interfaces and classes. A lookup service is the way services are found in a system. The primary service interface is ServiceRegistrar.

See Also:
"Jini(TM) Lookup Service Specification"

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