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Uses of Interface

Packages that use ServiceMatchesWrapper
com.sun.jini.reggie Provides implementations of ServiceRegistrar
net.jini.core.lookup These are the lookup service interfaces and classes. 

Uses of ServiceMatchesWrapper in com.sun.jini.reggie

Classes in com.sun.jini.reggie that implement ServiceMatchesWrapper
 class Matches
          A Matches contains the fields of a ServiceMatches packaged up for transmission between client-side proxies and the registrar server.

Uses of ServiceMatchesWrapper in net.jini.core.lookup

Fields in net.jini.core.lookup declared as ServiceMatchesWrapper
protected  ServiceMatchesWrapper RegistrarEventRegistration.matches

Methods in net.jini.core.lookup with parameters of type ServiceMatchesWrapper
 void RegistrarEventRegistration.setMatches(ServiceMatchesWrapper matches)

Constructors in net.jini.core.lookup with parameters of type ServiceMatchesWrapper
RegistrarEventRegistration(long eventID, Object source, Lease lease, long seqNum, ServiceMatchesWrapper matches)

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