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Class Location

  extended by net.jini.entry.AbstractEntry
      extended by net.jini.lookup.entry.Location
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Entry

public class Location
extends AbstractEntry

The location of the physical component of a service. This is distinct from the Address class in that it can be used alone in a small, local organization.

Sun Microsystems, Inc.
See Also:
Address, LocationBean, Serialized Form

Field Summary
 String building
          A building name or code.
 String floor
          A floor designation.
 String room
          A room or cube number.
Constructor Summary
          Construct an empty instance of this class.
Location(String floor, String room, String building)
          Construct an instance of this class, with all fields initialized appropriately.
Method Summary
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Field Detail


public String floor
A floor designation. For example, "2".


public String room
A room or cube number. For example, "B250".


public String building
A building name or code. For example, "SUN04".

Constructor Detail


public Location()
Construct an empty instance of this class.


public Location(String floor,
                String room,
                String building)
Construct an instance of this class, with all fields initialized appropriately.

floor - a String representing the floor
room - a String representing the room
building - a String representing the building

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