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Interface BackupPolicy

All Known Implementing Classes:
DeleteBackupPolicy, NullBackupPolicy

public interface BackupPolicy

An interface for a pluggable backup policy. Implementation may wish to zip files if reached a certain threshold. By default a NullBackupPolicy is used, but can be replaced by a DeleteBackupPolicy to keep a backup of files, but delete old ones.

Implementations can derive their configuration properties from the LogManager directly.

 For example, retrieve a threshold property:

LogManager manager = LogManager.getLogManager(); String cname = this.getClass.getName(); Integer threshold = Integer.valueOf(manager.getProperty(cname+".threshold")); ...

Moran Avigdor
See Also:
NullBackupPolicy, DeleteBackupPolicy, RollingFileHandler

Method Summary
 void track(File file)
          Track a newly created file.

Method Detail


void track(File file)
Track a newly created file. A file is either created upon rollover or at initialization time. Implementation can keep track of files and decide whether to trigger the backup policy.

file - A newly created file.

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