GigaSpaces XAP 9.7.2 API

Package com.gigaspaces.sync

Interface Summary
ConsolidationParticipantData Contains the data of a single participant within a consolidated distributed transaction
DataSyncOperation Represents a single data operation
OperationsBatchData A data of a batch of operations that is synchronized to a synchronization endpoint
SynchronizationSourceDetails Describe a synchronization source details SynchronizationEndpointInterceptor SpaceSynchronizationEndpoint
TransactionData A data of a transaction that is synchronized to a synchronization endpoint

Class Summary
SpaceSynchronizationEndpoint A space synchronization endpoint used to intercept incoming replication events which were originated from a space and do custom behavior when this events occur.

Enum Summary
DataSyncOperationType Represents the data operation type.

GigaSpaces XAP 9.7.2 API

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