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Interface DiscoveryFormatProvider

All Known Subinterfaces:
DelayedMulticastAnnouncementDecoder, DelayedMulticastRequestDecoder, MulticastAnnouncementDecoder, MulticastAnnouncementEncoder, MulticastRequestDecoder, MulticastRequestEncoder, UnicastDiscoveryClient, UnicastDiscoveryServer
All Known Implementing Classes:
BaseProvider, Client, Server, X500Client, X500Server

public interface DiscoveryFormatProvider

Interface implemented by all discovery format provider classes, which is used by the Discovery class to identify format providers available via resource, as described in the documentation for the Discovery.getProtocol2(ClassLoader) method. Format provider classes should not implement this interface directly, but should instead implement at least one of the format provider sub-interfaces extending this interface--MulticastRequestEncoder, MulticastRequestDecoder, MulticastAnnouncementEncoder, MulticastAnnouncementDecoder, UnicastDiscoveryClient and UnicastDiscoveryServer--which declare methods for the various provider operations, such as encoding or decoding discovery data.

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Method Summary
 String getFormatName()
          Returns the name of the format implemented by this provider.

Method Detail


String getFormatName()
Returns the name of the format implemented by this provider.

the name of the format implemented by this provider

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