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Class LogManager

  extended by java.util.logging.LogManager
      extended by com.sun.jini.logging.LogManager

public class LogManager
extends LogManager

Defines a LogManager that insures that the Levels.FAILED and Levels.HANDLED fields, instances of Level, have been initialized, and that can periodically check for changes to the logging configuration file and force it to be reread. Use this class as the value of the java.util.logging.manager system property to permit specifying the symbolic names for the FAILED and HANDLED logging levels in standard logging configuration files, or to allow changes to the logging configuration file to be noticed.

The com.sun.jini.logging.interval logging property (obtained using LogManager.getProperty) specifies the time interval in milliseconds between probes to see if the logging configuration file has changed; periodic checking only takes place if the value is greater than zero. (If a new logging configuration file is read, this property can be redefined.) The logging configuration file is specified by the java.util.logging.config.file system property (which is sampled at every probe), if defined, otherwise it is the file in the lib subdirectory of the directory specified by the java.home system property. The file is read if the name of the file differs from that used in the previous probe or if the file has a different modification time.

This implementation uses the Logger named com.sun.jini.logging.LogManager to log information at the following logging levels:

WARNINGif an exception occurs while rereading the logging configuration file
CONFIGeach time the logging configuration file is successfully reread
CONFIGtermination of probes because interval is less than or equal to zero

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class java.util.logging.LogManager
Constructor Summary
          Creates an instance of this class.
Method Summary
 void readConfiguration(InputStream ins)
          Reinitialize the logging properties and reread the logging configuration, and initiate probes if the probe interval is greater than zero.
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Constructor Detail


public LogManager()
Creates an instance of this class.

Method Detail


public void readConfiguration(InputStream ins)
                       throws IOException
Reinitialize the logging properties and reread the logging configuration, and initiate probes if the probe interval is greater than zero.

readConfiguration in class LogManager

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