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Class BasicProxyTrustVerifier

  extended by com.sun.jini.proxy.BasicProxyTrustVerifier
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, TrustVerifier

public final class BasicProxyTrustVerifier
extends Object
implements TrustVerifier, Serializable

A basic trust verifier for proxies. This trust verifier is used to verify that object passed to its isTrustedObject method is equivalent in trust, content, and function to the known trusted object that the trust verifier is constructed with. This trust verifier is typically returned by an implementation of the ServerProxyTrust.getProxyVerifier method.

Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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Constructor Summary
BasicProxyTrustVerifier(Object proxy)
          Creates a trust verifier containing the specified trusted proxy.
Method Summary
 boolean isTrustedObject(Object obj, TrustVerifier.Context ctx)
          Verifies trust in a proxy.
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Constructor Detail


public BasicProxyTrustVerifier(Object proxy)
Creates a trust verifier containing the specified trusted proxy.

proxy - the trusted proxy
IllegalArgumentException - if the specified proxy is not an instance of RemoteMethodControl or TrustEquivalence
Method Detail


public boolean isTrustedObject(Object obj,
                               TrustVerifier.Context ctx)
Verifies trust in a proxy. Returns true if and only if the specified object is an instance of RemoteMethodControl and invoking the checkTrustEquivalence method on a proxy that is this verifier's proxy with the same method constraints of the specified object, passing the specified object returns true.

Specified by:
isTrustedObject in interface TrustVerifier
obj - the object in which to verify trust
ctx - the trust verifier context, to aid in verification of the specified object and its components
true if the specified object is known to be trusted to correctly implement its contract; false otherwise

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