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Interface Executor

public interface Executor

Executor is an abstraction for a thread factory or thread pool for executing actions asynchronously.

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Method Summary
 void execute(Runnable runnable, String name)
          Executes the given Runnable action asynchronously in some thread.

Method Detail


void execute(Runnable runnable,
             String name)
Executes the given Runnable action asynchronously in some thread. The implementation may create a new thread to execute the action, or it may execute the action in an existing thread. The execution of a given action must not be delayed indefinitely in order to complete execution of a different action passed to a different invocation of this method. In other words, the implementation must assume that there may be arbitrary dependencies between actions passed to this method, so it needs to be careful to avoid potential deadlock by delaying execution of one action indefinitely until another completes. Also, this method itself must not block, because it may be invoked by code that is serially processing data to produce multiple such arbitrarily-dependent actions that need to be executed.

runnable - the Runnable action to execute
name - string to include in the name of the thread used to execute the action

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