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Packages that use WakeupManager.ThreadDesc
com.sun.jini.thread These are utility classes and interfaces for helping with tasks done in multiple threads. 

Uses of WakeupManager.ThreadDesc in com.sun.jini.thread

Fields in com.sun.jini.thread declared as WakeupManager.ThreadDesc
 WakeupManager.ThreadDesc WakeupManager.Ticket.desc
          The ThreadDesc, or null if none.

Methods in com.sun.jini.thread with parameters of type WakeupManager.ThreadDesc
protected  WakeupManager.Ticket WakeupManager.newTicket(long when, Runnable task, WakeupManager.ThreadDesc threadDesc)
          Create a new ticket with the specified values for when the task should be run, what task should be run, and what sort of thread the task should be run in.
 WakeupManager.Ticket WakeupManager.schedule(long when, Runnable task, WakeupManager.ThreadDesc threadDesc)
          Schedule the given task for the given time, to be run in a thread.

Constructors in com.sun.jini.thread with parameters of type WakeupManager.ThreadDesc
WakeupManager(WakeupManager.ThreadDesc desc)
          Create a new WakeupManager.
WakeupManager(WakeupManager.ThreadDesc desc, Configuration config)
          Create a new WakeupManager.

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