GigaSpaces XAP 9.7.2 API

Class ComputeHttpmdCodebase

  extended by com.sun.jini.tool.ComputeHttpmdCodebase

public class ComputeHttpmdCodebase
extends Object

Computes the message digests for a codebase with HTTPMD URLs. This utility is run from the command line.

An example command line usage is:

 java -jar install_dir/lib/computehttpmdcodebase.jar
where install_dir is the directory where the starter kit is installed, your_host is the host where the HTTP server for the sdm-dl.jar JAR file will be running, and http_port is the port for that server. This command prints out the download codebase for use by a client that uses the BackwardsServiceDiscoveryManager, using an HTTPMD URL to guarantee integrity for the classes in the sdm-dl.jar JAR file.

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Method Summary
static void main(String[] args)
          Computes the message digests for a codebase made up of HTTPMD URLs.
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Method Detail


public static void main(String[] args)
Computes the message digests for a codebase made up of HTTPMD URLs. The command line arguments are:
 source-directory url...
The first argument is the filename or URL of the directory containing the source files for the HTTPMD URLs. The remaining arguments specify the HTTPMD URLs that make up the codebase. The digest values specified in the HTTPMD URLs will be ignored (zeroes are typically used). The path portion of each HTTPMD URL, without the message digest parameters, names a source file relative to the source directory; the message digest for that source file is computed and replaces the digest value in the HTTPMD URL. The resulting HTTPMD URLs are printed, separated by spaces.

Do not use a directory on a remote filesystem, or a directory URL, if the underlying network access protocol does not provide adequate data integrity or authentication of the remote host.

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