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Interface SubVMTask

All Known Implementing Classes:
CheckActivationSystem.CheckActivationTask, CheckCodebase.GetURLTask, CheckConfig.ConfigTask, CheckConfig.GetGroupsTask, CheckJDK1_4.JDK1_4Task, CheckJSKPolicy.JSKPolicyTask, CheckJsseProps.CheckLoginConfigInit, CheckJsseProps.CheckProviderTask, CheckJsseProps.GetGroupLoginConfigs, CheckPersistence.CheckDirTask, CheckPersistence.GetEntriesTask, CheckPolicy.AllPermissionsTask, FileAccessCheckTask

public interface SubVMTask

A subtask to be run in a separate VM. Classes implementing this interface must provide a public no-arg constructor.

Method Summary
 Object run(String[] args)
          Run the subtask.

Method Detail


Object run(String[] args)
Run the subtask. Return an object representing the result of the task. If an unexpected exception is thrown in the body of the method, it should be caught and used as the returned object.

args -
the task status object, which may be null

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