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Interface InvocationConstraint

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ClientAuthentication, ClientMaxPrincipal, ClientMaxPrincipalType, ClientMinPrincipal, ClientMinPrincipalType, Confidentiality, ConnectionAbsoluteTime, ConnectionRelativeTime, ConstraintAlternatives, Delegation, DelegationAbsoluteTime, DelegationRelativeTime, DiscoveryProtocolVersion, Integrity, MulticastMaxPacketSize, MulticastTimeToLive, ServerAuthentication, ServerMinPrincipal, UnicastSocketTimeout

public interface InvocationConstraint

The marker interface used to identify constraints for method invocations. Constraints are immutable and should be serializable.

An instance of this interface must implement Object.equals to return true when passed a constraint that is equivalent in trust, content, and function, and to return false otherwise. That is, the equals method must be a sufficient substitute for TrustEquivalence.checkTrustEquivalence.

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