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Class ServiceTemplate

  extended by net.jini.core.lookup.ServiceTemplate
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ServiceTemplate
extends Object
implements Serializable

Items in the lookup service are matched using instance of this class. A service item (item) matches a service template (tmpl) if: item.serviceID equals tmpl.serviceID (or if tmpl.serviceID is null); and item.service is an instance of every type in tmpl.serviceTypes; and item.attributeSets contains at least one matching entry for each entry template in tmpl.attributeSetTemplates.

An entry matches an entry template if the class of the template is the same as, or a superclass of, the class of the entry, and every non-null field in the template equals the corresponding field of the entry. Every entry can be used to match more than one template. Note that in a service template, for serviceTypes and attributeSetTemplates, a null field is equivalent to an empty array; both represent a wildcard.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
 Entry[] attributeSetTemplates
          Attribute set templates to match, or null.
 ServiceID serviceID
          Service ID to match, or null.
 Class[] serviceTypes
          Service types to match, or null.
Constructor Summary
ServiceTemplate(ServiceID serviceID, Class[] serviceTypes, Entry[] attrSetTemplates)
          Simple constructor.
Method Summary
 String toString()
          Returns a String representation of this ServiceTemplate.
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Field Detail


public ServiceID serviceID
Service ID to match, or null.


public Class[] serviceTypes
Service types to match, or null.


public Entry[] attributeSetTemplates
Attribute set templates to match, or null.

Constructor Detail


public ServiceTemplate(ServiceID serviceID,
                       Class[] serviceTypes,
                       Entry[] attrSetTemplates)
Simple constructor.

serviceID - service ID to match, or null
serviceTypes - service types to match, or null
attrSetTemplates - attribute set templates to match, or null
Method Detail


public String toString()
Returns a String representation of this ServiceTemplate.

toString in class Object
String representation of this ServiceTemplate

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