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Packages that use ServiceDetails
com.sun.jini.reggie Provides implementations of ServiceRegistrar
net.jini.core.lookup These are the lookup service interfaces and classes. 
net.jini.lookup Standard utility classes for managing the join state of a service and the service discovery duties of a client or service. 

Uses of ServiceDetails in com.sun.jini.reggie

Methods in com.sun.jini.reggie that return ServiceDetails
 ServiceDetails GigaRegistrar.serviceDetails(ServiceID serviceID)
 ServiceDetails Registrar.serviceDetails(ServiceID serviceID)
          Returns the service details of the service id.

Uses of ServiceDetails in net.jini.core.lookup

Methods in net.jini.core.lookup that return ServiceDetails
 ServiceDetails ServiceRegistrar.serviceDetails(ServiceID serviceID)

Uses of ServiceDetails in net.jini.lookup

Methods in net.jini.lookup that return ServiceDetails
 ServiceDetails[] ServiceDiscoveryManager.serviceDetails(ServiceID serviceID)

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