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Packages that use DiscoveryLocatorManagement
net.jini.discovery These are utility classes and interfaces that conform to the discovery and join protocol defined in the Jini(TM) Discovery and Join Specification

Uses of DiscoveryLocatorManagement in net.jini.discovery

Classes in net.jini.discovery that implement DiscoveryLocatorManagement
 class LookupDiscoveryManager
          This class is a helper utility class that organizes and manages all discovery-related activities on behalf of a client or service.
 class LookupLocatorDiscovery
          This class encapsulates the functionality required of an entity that wishes to employ the unicast discovery protocol to discover a lookup service.

Uses of DiscoveryLocatorManagement in net.jini.discovery.dynamic

Constructors in net.jini.discovery.dynamic with parameters of type DiscoveryLocatorManagement
ServiceRegistrarServiceDiscoveryListener(DiscoveryLocatorManagement dlm, Map<ServiceID,LookupLocator> initialLocatorsMap, ServiceRegistrar registrar, ServiceID registrarServiceID)

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